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Data driven, People centered.

We work with our clients to seize new opportunities by uncovering who matters most and what matters next.

Hidden catalysts to growth.

The hallmark of our work is to rapidly pinpoint each client’s best market opportunities and bring focus to the key catalysts that will propel growth and unlock value. We identify and translate audience leverage points and revenue accelerators to key initiatives, which may include for example:

  • innovating products & services
  • refocusing positioning & messaging
  • strengthening customer engagement programs
  • refreshing marketing & sales programs
  • aligning resources and metrics to key initiatives

Strong collaboration. Transformative results.

Market leading cyber protection start-up hungry for growth hired Larkspur to map a path to triple its customer base.

LastPass had effectively captured its early adopter market but was hungry for more growth. Larkspur uncovered two large untapped audiences -smartphone-tethered parents, and SMBs migrating to the cloud.

Larkspur partnered with LastPass to reshape product positioning, build a mobile-first customer acquisition model and create new SMB partner channels. These efforts lifted growth and supported a 10X exit.

Larkspur led us to our best market opportunities, identified what was holding us back and created a path forward. Ian, Marianne and their team are exceptional.
– Joe Siegrist, Founder & CEO, LastPass (now LogMeIn)

Innovative professional services firm asked Larkspur to revamp its product lineup to attract more corporate work and spark its growth.

Larkspur determined that BSG’s key differentiator was an ability to consistently deliver winning strategies. Yet like many professional services firms, they often focused on process and methods.

We reframed their marketing and revamped pre-sales consulting process to focus on client outcomes. This approach drove a 20% net increase in revenue performance within 6 months.

Larkspur has an uncanny ability to understand market dynamics and identify ‘white space’ opportunities for their clients. Their approach delivers unparalleled results.

– Danny Franklin, former Managing Partner, BSG

Consortium of utilities on the leading edge of energy conservation partnered with Larkspur to inspire more residents to cut energy waste.

Larkspur revealed that traditional ‘green’ messages were at best tired and at worst counterproductive. Instead, a powerful aversion to waste was the best catalyst to action.

Tapping into this sentiment doubled the population who expressed interest in taking more action.

Larkspur’s team developed a multi-media storytelling project that showcased local residents sharing their personal stories of reducing waste.

Larkspur brought fresh thinking to the challenge of customer engagement. We asked for a lot. Larkspur exceeded our expectations in every way.
– Elaine Blatt, NEEA

Three decades of solving complex problems & powering growth.